Partnering with AutoWorks PDR  can reduce your stress and help ensure success after a catastrophic hail event. If your dealership, fleet-based business or rental agency is interested in bringing on an experienced and knowledgeable Hail Catastrophe team to help facilitate the after-effects of a damaging hail storm, we are here to help. You can read more about our national Hail Catastrophe Response team services below or call us with your questions at (877) 440-8892.

How AutoWorks PDR Can Help

Improving Flow of Business

Hail catastrophes can disrupt the flow of business at body shops. Without the right PDR company at your side, you may experience:

  • Loss of revenue for the repair facility.
  • Claim assignment cycle times, falling below expectations of customers and insurance companies.
  • Production cycle times reduction of regular due to the influx of hail claims.

Partnering with AutoWorks PDR  during a hail event can eliminate these ill-fated problems, and help ensure success. AutoWorks PDR has the expertise along with company agility to facilitate your customers and their claims in any situation


Ready To Go

Offer Expert Paintless Dent Repair Services at Your Shop

AutoWorks PDR has the resources and disaster preparedness experience to dispatch highly efficient Paintless Dent Repair teams equipped with the proper tools, right technology, experience and quality. We have proven to be a valuable dent removal partner during a catastrophic hail events. Our teams can be dispatched within 24 hours to assist your shop with insurance claims assistance.

Confidence in Claims

AutoWorks PDR is committed to offering fast, friendly, convenient claims assistance. Our national call center and electronic scheduling system help us best serve our insurance partners and their insureds needs. Our ability to integrate our technology and repair processes to flow smoothly together, ensures a successful experience for everyone. We are proud of our record and reputation as being a company that delivers a streamlined hassle – free repair process for all of our customers and partners.