Denver Auto Hail Damage Repair Options

Hail Damage. What are my options?

Denver Auto Hail Damage Repair Options

If you live in Denver or any of the surrounding cities in and around Denver, maybe you have suffered some hail damage on your vehicle. Some of you might even be on your second hail damage repair! Mother Nature has been brutal to Denver in the last couple of years. There have been not just one damaging storm but 5 – some even considered to be outside of the hail season!. In 2014, a late September hail storm produced  29,297 car insurance claims worth more than $87.2 million!

So what are your options for auto hail damage? For some Denver residents, this is a tricky question.

File Claim. Get Auto Hail Damage Repaired.

Throughout this article, I will be referencing a real-life auto forum. Sometimes answers from your peers speaks volumes!

The following response to a question is about getting auto hail damage repair in Denver, CO. I think mrgrump’s answer really says it all.

A few years ago we had a 2008 Civic get demolished in a hail storm to the the tune of $6000 in hail damage. State Farm also cut us a check the day they inspected the damage and we dropped it off at the paintless dent repair shop of our choice. The work ended up costing more but that was worked out between the repair shop and State Farm. So other than our deductible, the car was back to perfect shape.

My sister who had a similar level of damage on her 2010 KIA Rio took the money and paid her car off. She is a pretty rough on cars but about 3 years later her KIA looks awful because of the dents.

Since you own 2 newer, nice Hondas –  I would suggest getting them fixed because if you ever have sell them in the future it will hurt the resale value horribly. Not to mention, the nicer you can keep the cars now the longer you will probably keep them since your an early convert to the MMM lifestyle.

We drive 2 Hondas as well 2011 Accord and 2012 CRV. We are trying to keep them in perfect condition and for 200k miles.

We believe this answer really says it all.

File Claim. Live with the Auto Hail Damage.

Yes, this is a hard decision. You get the hail damage inspection and your insurance company cuts a check for a few thousand dollars. For ANYONE, this is a nice chunk of change and very tempting to hold on to.

While reading a auto enthusiasts forum, I ran across this entry form someone inquiring this very question. Here is an answer from the panel from a Denver, CO resident.

I suggest leaving the hail damage and investing the cash. I can’t imagine those tiny dents affect the value of the vehicles much in ten years, but imagine what the value of those thousands of dollars will be after being in the market for ten years!

On the flip side, here is another forum participants response, again from a Denver, CO resident.

My 2008 Honda CR-V received hail damage.  I took the check and paid off a different bill.  Now 2 years later I am thinking about selling the car for something with better mpg but just noticed two of those little dimples are now rusting 🙁  Sorta regretting not getting fixed at the moment.

This hits on one of the biggest reasons to get the hail damaged fixed. Who knows what will happen a few years down the road. Unless your car buyer has no concern about the automobiles appearance, you can probably sell off your hail damaged car at a reduced price. If your car buyer has even a little “pride in ownership,” this vehicle will not be for them. Take a look at Craigslist or Auto Trader magazine and you will probably find a few other people selling your exact same make and model for around the same price.

If you intend on driving this vehicle into the grave and it is paid off, go for it!

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To read more from this forum and to read ALL of the responses to the question of  “A few weeks ago, we had a freak hail storm that damaged both my car and my husband’s. What do you think? Is it worth it to do the cosmetic repair?”

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