Will State Farm charge me for a paintless dent repair?

I have State Farm insurance. My friend fell off his long board and dented my car. Do I need to get his information and charge him, or will State Farm pay for this repair and have it fixed?

Best Answer

Your insurance will only pay for damage that’s above your deductible. You pay the deductible before insurance pays anything.

AutoWorks PDR Answer

In the case of the long board to car damage, you need to get an estimate to fix the dent damage.

The cost of the repair really depends on what and where the damage is. For instance, if the dent damage is on the hood and there is no paint damage or metal creasing, Paintless Dent Repair is an option and should not cost more than $150 – $200. Alternately, if the dent is in the area between the roof and the front passenger window (in the bend or curve), the cost to fix this damage will be considerably more.

Once you know the real cost to fix the dent damage, you should find out what your insurance deductible is. If the dent damage cost to repair is higher than your deductible, you have the option to file a claim. State Farm will only send a check for whatever the cost is OVER your deductible.

If the damage to repair is BELOW your deductible, I would ask your friend to either pay for the damage or at least chip in and help!

If you have any questions about Paintless Dent Repair or would like to send us a picture of your damage, we will try to give you some direction!

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