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If you live in anywhere in Tornado Alley you might have noticed that, in past few years, Mother Nature seems to have widened her alley.

But this is not true.

Say hello to Deadly Dixie.

The States of Tornado Alley

Tornado Alley
Tornado Alley

The term “Tornado Alley” was first used and defined in 1952. Although the boundaries are not specifically defined, its core extends from northwestern Iowa, Nebraska, northeastern Colorado, nearly all of Kansas, western Oklahoma and southern Texas. Storm chasers fondly refer to this stretch as the Great Plains tornado belt.

In the past few years, researchers have documented more tornadic activity in the northern states just outside of Tornado Alley.

On average, 10 people die from twisters in the states that comprise Tornado Alley.

The States of Deadly Dixie Alley

Dixie_alley“Deadly Dixie Alley” stretches from eastern Texas and Arkansas across Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. It continues to upstate South Carolina and western North Carolina.

Dixie Alley tornadoes are known for disregarding the more classic Tornado Alley patterns.  Tornado season is year-round and can happen at night. Storm chasers prefer Tornado Alley mostly because of visibility. Dixie Tornadoes are usually wrapped in rain, impairing visibility to law enforcement and the public.

On average, about 40 people die in the nine states that make up the Deadly Dixie Alley.

A Deadly Exstension

Some researchers suggest that the states of Dixie Alley are really just an extension of Tornado Alley.

What is the biggest difference between the 2 alleys?

If you want to SEE a tornado, go to Colorado. They tend to move slower across the flat, grass covered plains , so the photo opportunity chances are much greater!

In Dixie Alley, Tornadoes don’t like to “lollygag.” These tornadoes characteristically last longer and move faster. The landscape has more trees and valleys, making capturing a Deadly Dixie much more difficult. This is a very deadly combination for the residents of these southeastern states.  Dixie Alley is home to many manufactured houses, not many foundations or basements. Warning times are shorter and the time to take cover makes-up a very small window of time.


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