What do clumsy people and hailstorms have in common?

Ford Manufacturer says, “No more broken glass!”

Although it is not entirely fair to call all cellphone “screen-breakers” clumsy, we can all almost agree that breaking our cellphones is ridiculously easy.

Tech adviser tells us that, “Clumsy iPhone users break a new iPhone in the first 10 weeks, and even earlier for the latest models that can last less than six weeks.”

If I were a betting person, I would venture to say that almost all cellphone mishaps are followed by a scream to the Heavens that sounds something like, “WHY ARE THESE THINGS NOT SHATTERPROOF!” This would almost make too much sense though. I am adamant in my thinking that cell phone manufacturers secure their future with puny glass screen installments.

Hail to the shatter-proof windshields

2017 Ford GT
2017 Ford GT

Ford is here to do something about it but in the automobile manufacturing world.  Ford shared the love this year on Valentines Day by introducing the 2017 Ford GT at Canadian International Auto Show’s (CIAS) Media Day. The Ford “Supercar” was introduced as the first vehicle to ever have this shatter-proof glass.

Corning®, the manufacturer of Gorilla® Glass says this about the collaboration with Ford.

The innovative Ford GT windshield — a collaborative effort between Ford and Corning — comprises three layers: Gorilla Glass for Automotive as the inner layer, a plastic adhesive interlayer, and annealed soda lime glass as the outside layer.

The windshield is not only lighter (nearly 50% lighter) but also 5 times stronger than standard window glass.

Hit me with your best shot

Curious spectators of the annual CIAS were given the opportunity to test the claim. With the assistance of a custom made “hail ball launcher” that somewhat resembled a miniature steel canon, golf ball sized hail orb replicas were blasted into a pane of the windshield glass at speeds peaking 90 km/h. There were no casualties in this dangerous game of hail pinball.

When does the dent-free metal come out?

This is all good and fine but when can I get my hands on a real life Transformer? Shatterproof glass is fantastic but what about the dents and dings?What about the undentable cars of the future?  I guess we will all just have to wait. A couple of weeks ago we published a Paintless Dent Repair blog that flirted with the possibility, to read more – visit here.

In the meantime, if you have automobile dents, dings or hail damage – call the Paintless Dent Repair experts at AutoWorksPDR!

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