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Yahoo Q & A Series: Paintless Dent Repair

Yahoo Question:

Recently, a gentleman asked a question in regards to whether he should take the advice of a car dealership to completely replace a new hood with hail damage, or should he take the advice of his insurances company and call a Paintless Dent Repair shop.

This is a great question! There is a lot of confusion from the general public when it comes to understanding exactly what Paintless Dent Repair is, and how it works.

Yahoo Public Answer:

One of the answers from someone on the public Yahoo panel was, “PDR is good for a short term cure.”

The basis to his answer was, “The problem with PDR is that when the dent is removed this damages the paint adhesion to the metal. Metal is more flexible than paint is, automotive paint when dry does not like to bend.”

AutoWorks PDR Anwer:

We have to respectfully DISAGREE. Unless there was existing paint damage to the hood, or if the paint was cracked or damaged by the hail, Paintless Dent Repair should not have been suggested as an option.

Paintless Dent Repair should only be performed if there is NO indication paint damage, metal creasing or cracking.

Before Paintless Dent Repair is used as a repair option, a comprehensive inspection needs to be performed first by your insurance company, and then by an experienced PDR shop representative or technician.

If it has been determined that there is no existing paint damage, Paintless Dent Repair IS the best method for auto hail repair. PDR will NOT cause future paint chipping or bubbling.

Most Paintless Dent Repair shops will guarantee their work with a lifetime warranty.

Our answer: Get an inspection done by your insurance company. If they suggest PDR, contact your local Paintless Dent Repair shop and schedule a 2nd inspection with them. Paintless Dent Repair is the best repair method for this situation if there is NO paint damage.

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