John’s Paintless Dent Repair Story

Last week, while visiting family in Oregon, I made a new friend. My aunt and uncle had a friend in from California. I had promised myself I wouldn’t blog or work on the website for my entire vacation. Of course, I broke my promise on the second day. The entire team at AutoWorks PDR shares the same goal to better the business the best we can when we can.

I decided I would write a new blog. While I was away, Denver was hit by a major late summer hail storm. I knew I needed to post about it. While I was writing my new friend from California asked me what I was doing. I told him I was blogging about paintless dent repair and the terrible storm that had hit Denver.

Much to my surprise, his eyes lit up and he told me about his first and only experience with paintless dent repair. California doesn’t get much hail. Earthquakes, yes – but rarely hail storms. He shared with me he had NEVER heard of paintless dent repair before this aforementioned instance. I was speechless. Granted, I sort of live and breathe PDR and I couldn’t imagine someone had never heard of this amazing dent repair advancement in the auto body repair industry.

John said his car was hit by an errant golf ball from the golf club behind his house. The first thing he did was call an auto body shop. He made an appointment and had the car in the shop later that day. The auto body shop estimation guy told him they could or would not un-dent such a minor dent. John was flabbergasted.

“So am I just supposed to live with this dent?” he says. “No, just call a paintless dent repair shop, we don’t have one in our shop,” the estimation guy said. “A paintless dent repair shop? What is that?” John says.

He was so excited at this point of his story, I just couldn’t bring myself to interrupt. He said the paintless dent repair shop he called said to bring it on over. Within 1 hour, the dent was gone. As though it had never existed and it only cost him $50! He told me he tipped him an extra $50, simply because he was so impressed!

Does this story surprise you as much as it surprises me? How many people out there have never used paintless dent repair?

We want to hear your PDR story. We don’t even mind if your story is about a different PDR shop!

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