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What to look for when hiring a paintless dent repair technician

The Scam

  1. Dent Repair with a Hammer & Screwdriver? When a weather disaster strikes, watch out for dent repair scams. South St. Louis vehicle owners are reporting just that. Reports of a man lurking around filling stations and parking lots offering cheap & quick dent repair are littering the local news stations & newspaper outlets. The man often identifies himself as a dent repair guy. He claims he can remove your auto dent damage with a screwdriver, hammer and some putty. The scam is an old one. Auto body work should only be performed in an auto body shop or paintless dent repair shop. Period.
  2. Duck, Cover and Run. If you have ever been approached by an alleged “dent-man off-duty,” this scam might sound familiar. The “duck, cover and run” dent repair scam artist likes to troll grocery store parking lots. These scammers target women when they are off-guard. Scenario: You are busy unloading a cart of groceries into your car. You are taken by surprise when an unknown man approaches with the promise to remove your dent damage for just $20! You are in a hurry and think, “Why not.” You hear some banging and feel your automobile being pushed, pulled and shook. The phony dent guy pulls out a jar or can of some white or gray colored putty and starts smearing it on your vehicle. He tells you the putty is to protect the newly repaired dent damage from being exposed to unexpected weather. You hand him a $20 and he leaves. 24 hours later, you remove the putty. The dent is magically….still there.
  3. The Craigslist Con Artist: From time-to-time, AutoWorks PDR will post an ad on Craigslist promoting their mobile auto hail repair and paintless dent repair services. AutoWorks PDR is a licenced and insured PDR company. We do all of our repairs in certified auto body shops, paintless dent repair shops and car dealership repair centers.The Craigslist Con-Artist can also be found in parking lots, but also trolling residential neighborhoods.  They carry around the wrong tools and materials, and sometimes even spray paint. They promise a “quick fix.” You agree because, “Heck, why not.” It’s cheap and convenient. Dent-guy takes your money and leaves you with a HUGE disaster that will take hundreds of dollars to repair.

The Conclusion

Scammers are not looking to repair an automobile with excessive damage or auto hail repair. They are looking for a quick fix for a quick buck.  As minor as these repair are, take your vehicle legitimate body shop or paintless dent repair shop. The cost won’t be much more and the repair will come with a written guarantee or warranty.

If you are approached by an dent repair scam artist, report him / her to the local authorities. Report the activity on the social media outlets you use. If you feel it is safe, snap a picture of the scammer with your cell phone camera.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.


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