Denver’s Worst Hail Storm of 2016

If you live in Denver, Colorado – this will not come to as a surprise to you. Mother Natures LOVES bringing hail to the mountain range. She isn’t even picky about the season, or when weather experts say the official “hail season” is. Denver is proving to be one of the United States favored states for Mother Nature to just DUMP hail on!

Denver Hail Season Woes

Typically, hail season starts in late February and typically dies off near the end of July. Most of the bad hail storms show themselves between the months of March and May – the height of hail season.

So why such a terrible and damaging hail storm in late July?

“More than $352 million in insurance claims were filed after a July hailstorm pounded parts of Colorado Springs.” – The Denver Channel.

This makes this storm rank as the 4th most expensive hailstorm, says Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association.

This comes as no surprise to many of the front range Colorado residence, some of which are on their 2nd or even the 3rd round of auto hail repair!

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association released the numbers Tuesday, saying tennis-ball sized hail that fell in July damaged more than 84,000 cars and homes.”

A couple in Greely, Colorado wasn’t prepared for the softball sized hailstone that ripped through their apartment roof or the 80 miles per hour wind gusts that brought down enormous tree branches that covered their yard, or the massive amount of hail dents they discovered both of their vehicles.

Comprehensive Coverage Covers Denver Auto Hail Repair

Luckily, they had comprehensive coverage for their vehicles but did not have renters insurance to cover the damage to their furniture ruined by the  massive amount of water that poured through the hole in the roof.

If you do NOT have comprehensive coverage for your automobiles and live in the Denver / Front Range area, the professionals at AutoWorks PDR suggests you look into it.

Comprehensive automobile coverage will cover any dent damage caused by a hailstorm. You will be required to pay your deductible, but everything else is covered 100%. If you have never had auto hail damage, the cost to repair a hail damaged vehicle can be in the upper thousands – depending on the severity.

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