Car Hail Damage Repair. Is it worth the cost?

One of the biggest questions we get from vehicle owners is, “How much is this going to cost me?” This is a question that is asked for almost anything but for hail damage repair, we totally get it. First of all, vehicles are usually the 2nd most costly but necessary expense we all have – next to our homes. For all car and truck owners, insurance is a monthly cost we must all have – a necessary evil but something that can really help out with unexpected expenses if and when they arise.

Hail Damage and Car Insurance

The first question we will always ask is, “Is your automobile insured?” If you are still making monthly payments on your car or truck, the answer is usually yes. The second question we will ask is, “Do you have comprehensive insurance?” This is very important if you have suffered any auto hail damage. If you DO NOT have comprehensive auto insurance and you live in the Midwest, namely Texas, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kentucky, New Jersey, Tenessee or Indiana – comprehensive insurance is something you SHOULD have.

Hail Damage Repair Cost Breakdown

Hail Damage Cost WITHOUT Comprehensive Insurance

Dent damage repair with Paintless Dent Repair can be calculated with some fairly simple math, the variables being: Dent size, depth and location.

Smaller dents located in easily accessible areas, such as the hood, trunk, left or right fender, left or right front door, left or right quarter panels are going to cost on average around $30 – $45 per dent.

For medium sized dents, the cost goes up slightly to between $40 – $55 per dent.

For dent damage repair with Paintless Dent Repair in areas that are harder to access (automobile roofs), the cost goes up slightly to $60 – $65 per dent if they are small in size.

For medium to large sized dents, the cost on average goes up to $75 – $80 per dent.

Hail Damage Cost WITH Comprehensive Automobile Coverage

If you have comprehensive automobile coverage, your cost for a total auto hail damage repair goes down considerably. With comprehensive coverage, damages caused by “Acts of God,” such as hail, earthquakes and tornadoes – your damage cost will be 100% covered albeit your deductible.

Questions about hail damage repair cost?

You can call the Paintless Dent Repair experts at AutoWorksPDR if you have any addition question about hail dent repair. We can help you with questions you might have about insurance, inspections, estimates and more. Reach us by phone or use our online form!

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