AutoWorks PDR Frequently Asked Questions

Does auto insurance cover hail damage claims?

If you carry a comprehensive  auto insurance policy, hail damage is typically covered.  AutoWorks PDR technicians suggest that if you live in an area that suffers from frequent hail producing, you carry comprehensive insurance. Basic liability will not help you pay to repair auto hail damage.

Will a auto hail damage claim raise my rates?

No. Hail damage is considered to be an “Act of God,” or something you have no way of controlling or preventing. Filing an auto hail damage claim will NOT raise your rates.

How long will my automobile be in the shop for auto hail damage repair?

If you use the Paintless Dent Repair method to repair your damages, it generally takes 1-2 days to complete.

Generally, how long does an auto hail repair estimate take?

Plan for approximately 30-45 minutes for your hail damage estimate. Your assigned insurance adjuster will call you to schedule a good time for the estimate. In some instances, depending on your adjuster, they might suggest you get your initial inspection done by a Paintless Dent Repair company.

What happens if the insurance adjuster misses some of the damage. Will they still pay for the additional hail damage?

Paintless Dent Repair technicians use industry specific lighting when performing an auto hail damage inspection.

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