There are many different kinds of dent repair kits around, but I was wondering if they could handle a 1 foot long and 3-inch deep dent like I have. Does anyone have experience with them?

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Save money and let a body shop or a dent repairman do the job properly, of course you could always try a toilet plunger to pull it out, I saw where somebody on here did that and claimed it worked, LOL.

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Half of this answer is correct. “Save your money and let a body shop or a dent repairman do the job properly.”  We prefer to be called Paintless Dent Repair technicians, but dent repairman is OK! 

Unfortunately, you will find many people asking this very question. Everyone wants to save money. The biggest and most costly mistake you can make with “home auto dent repair” is trying to do-it-yourself. In almost every case we have witnessed, DIY dent repair makes the damage worse and more costly.

“I tried it about 5 times and could never get it out all the way AND the glue stayed on the car every time.” ~ Test Dummies on test As Seen on TV Pops-A-Dent.

“It did not completely repair any of the 5 dents on this car, even after multiple pulls.” ~ YeechBlitz on test As Seen on TV Pops-A-Dent.

One of the biggest misconceptions about paintless dent repair is that it is very costly. What most people do not know, it usually only costs about $45-$75 to remove a car dent. Most of the car owners we see in our shop with failed DIY attempts are surprised to hear this. Two or three dents that should have cost approximately $225 (at the most) to repair ended up costing the car owner around $500.

The one thing that they DON’T tell you, but should, with home dent repair kits is this,

“Warning: Professional paintless dent repair technicians have years of experience and training. They do NOT use Pops-A-Dent. If you use this product incorrectly, the cost to repair a botched DIY repair will end up costing you much more in the end.”

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