Paintless Dent Repair & Auto Hail Repair Yahoo Questions

Yahoo Question:

Today on Yahoo, I ran across another great question about auto hail repair and paintless dent repair. A gentleman asked that if there was any money remaining after the hail damage was repaired and paid for, could he keep it?

Additional Information: The check was made out to both himself and the paintless dent repair shop hired to repair the damage.

Yahoo Public Answer:

The remaining funds belong to you. Get the total estimate in writing, then after the work is finished,  give them the check and they will in-turn give you back a company check for the difference.

AutoWorks PDR Answer:

In most auto hail repair cases, your automobile will first be inspected by an insurance adjuster. Next, you will be given a damage report and how much it should cost to repair the damage.

A single check will be issued to you and your lender.

Finally, you will be instructed to get an auto hail repair quote from a paintless dent repair shop. In most cases, the paintless dent repair technician will ask to see the insurance adjusters damage report. You are not obligated to do this unless you so choose. 

The paintless dent repair shop will also give you an estimate to repair the damage. If the check from the insurance company exceeds the quote you received from the PDR shop, you can keep the excess. 

If the check is less than the quote from the PDR shop, the shop can ask for a supplement to cover the additional repairs. We do recommend that you do disclose the quote you received from you insurance adjuster.

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