John’s Paintless Dent Repair Story Last week, while visiting family in Oregon, I made a new friend. My aunt and uncle had a friend in from California. I had promised myself I wouldn’t blog or work on the website for my entire vacation. Of course, I broke my promise on the second day. The entire…

Denver’s Worst Hail Storm of 2016 If you live in Denver, Colorado – this will not come to as a surprise to you. Mother Natures LOVES bringing hail to the mountain range. She isn’t even picky about the season, or when weather experts say the official “hail season” is. Denver is proving to be one of…

When it comes to auto hail damage, there can be lots of questions and confusion when it comes to repairing options. In this article, we will cover when it is a good idea to contact your insurance company to file a claim, or to simply pay outright for the damage.

There are many different kinds of dent repair kits around, but I was wondering if they could handle a 1 foot long and 3-inch deep dent like I have. Does anyone have experience with them?

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